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Agent role
We've added a role specifically designed for your customer support agents. The agent role has permissions to access products and to edit and create customers, subscriptions, discounts and invoices. This role excludes permissions to access reporting, account settings, integrations, API and embed code settings, the company menu and account cancellation.
Replacing a payment gateway improvements
We’ve improved the process of replacing a payment gateway. You no longer need to link all of your currencies again when adding a new gateway to replace an existing one. Just use the replace gateway button and the new gateway will be linked to any currency the previous gateway was linked to.
Upcoming app rebrand
After showcasing our new branding, we're eager to unveil the new look of the Billsby app. We know you've been waiting patiently, so while we add some final touches, we've given it a fresh coat of paint. Stay tuned for the big reveal!
Fixing issues you've reported
As always, we've been working hard to fix any problems you've reported to us as quickly as possible.
We understand how important it is to make sure your team have the correct access to your Billsby account.
With teammate roles, you're now able to assign your teammates different roles when adding them to your account. The role will determine what permissions the teammate has within your company account, preventing them from accessing certain areas and performing certain actions.
Currently, the available roles you can select for your teammates are:
The admin role allows the user to control everything in a Billsby account. This includes adding additional users (teammates) and defining their role.
The developer role has access to everything except the account information, company plan, billing or teammates.
The editor role allows the user to view all of the account content and make changes to customers, subscriptions, products, plans and cycles and account configuration. They will not be able to change any of the company account information, company plan, billing or teammates and will not have access to the API, the embed code and the integrations menu.
The viewer role allows the user to see all of the customer, subscription and reporting information, but will not let them make any changes.
For more information, see our documentation.
When Billsby started on the back of our founders experience in telecoms, we initially focused on providing subscription services for IoT through network partnerships. They quickly realized the potential of their billing expertise and expanded Billsby’s offering to a wider market in 2021.
Over the past two years, Billsby has become a well-established player in the industry, with a presence in the US, Europe and beyond. We’ve continually adapted and evolved our services and features to meet the changing needs of our customers. All these changes and developments have meant that we've outgrown our original branding and we're excited to unveil a new look that better represents who we are today.
Our new branding is the result of months of research and design development, reflecting our team’s culture, approach to business and future plans. We’re thrilled with the new logo and believe it captures the character we want to showcase. We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve with our customers and hope that you’ll love our new look as much as we do.
Take a look for yourself at
Here at Billsby HQ we've hit the ground running after the festive season. We've got some big updates in the works and plans for lots of exciting new features coming this year.
ACH Beta Improvements
Last year we released one of our most requested features, ACH in private Beta. Thanks to the feedback of everyone taking part, we've been able to iron out some wrinkles and add improvements like transaction log support for direct debit payments, micro-deposit verification, consolidating email notifications, and more.
Check out our support documentation for more details on ACH
Billing engine scalability
As a recurring billing platform, we're creating new invoices all day every day by making API calls to our system and external services. As our number of both users and customers increases, so does the amount of data we need to store and the number of API calls we have to make, which can put strain on the system.
To keep Billsby working efficiently and effortlessly as we scale, we're working on refining our billing engine and streamlining our payment process to alleviate some of that strain. Whilst system updates aren't the most glamorous improvement, it's a vital change that'll lay the foundation for bigger and better things to come!
As always, we've also been working hard alongside building new features and improvements to fix any issues brought to our attention.
We've been a bit quiet recently with feature releases and updates, but don't be fooled by our quiet exterior! We've been working super hard in the background to bring you one of our most requested features: ACH.
ACH payments are simply another way to move money from one bank account to another without paying offline with cash or cheques, or using a credit card payment. If your business accepts credit and debit card payments, then you'll be familiar with the processing fees incurred using these payment methods. But did you know that ACH payments can cost significantly less than credit cards?
We're opening up our beta to customers who would like to test out this new payment method. During beta, you can use the feature, and provide us with any comments on things that don’t make sense, things it doesn’t do well, any bugs (when things don’t work) or just generally if it’s useful or not. Once we’ve had enough people using the beta feature for a while, we'll iron out any identified issues, and let everyone have access to it.
At the moment Billsby will only be supporting direct debit payments for ACH through Stripe in the US. We intend to add support for more direct debit schemes both in the US, and the rest of the world, in the not so distant future.
This week at Billsby we're adding more new features to help you understand and manage your company, with our new Transaction logs and Google Analytics tracking integration.
Transaction Logs
No one likes a failed payment, so we've made it easier to keep track of transactions and solve potential payment issues from inside your Billsby control panel.
Navigate to
in the
menu to see a comprehensive log of all of your company transactions, including instances where a sign up failed at checkout. To help you keep track of failed payments, each transaction is labelled based on whether a payment was successfully processed, if it has been declined, or failed.
Clicking on an individual transaction will let you see more details on the payment, such as a raw payment log and reference number, to help you troubleshoot potential fails or declines with your customers.
For our users who process payments with or Stripe, we're able to provide some of that additional information right in the modal to make resolving any payment issues easier. Keep your eyes peeled, we'll be adding this support for more gateways in the near future.
Google Analytics Tracking
Google Analytics is an excellent tool to help evaluate and measure how your marketing, content, and products are performing relative to user engagement.
You can now integrate our self-service checkout modal with Google Analytics and start tracking page metrics, customer conversions, and logging events. It collects your data and sorts it into useful information to give you more insight and help you make more informed business decisions.
Check out our support documentation for more information on how to set this up.
Exporting data
Being able to download and transfer important user data is a must for any company, so we're happy to announce the arrival of our highly requested Export feature.
You'll now have the ability to export a host of data on your customers, subscriptions, invoices, and credit notes directly from Billsby app. table menus.
You can export all of your data or refine the time period by selecting a start date and end date. So we'll only export the data generated between those two dates.
When you initiate an export we'll generate the data in a .CSV format in the background so you can keep using the Billsby control panel. Once complete, we'll email you a link to download the file.
Fixing issues you've reported
As always, we've been working diligently in the background to fix any problems you've brought to our attention.
We have some exciting bigger features in the works over the upcoming months so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our next update.
Collecting a company name for your customers
If you have a B2B business and you're signing up customers to your subscription, you'll need to collect the company name in addition to the account holder, so you can keep track of who is who.
We've added the ability for you to add a
Company name
that'll be available both when a customer is added manually, and via the checkout model.
Once collected, the company name will be displayed on the customer's profile and invoices.
More card filters
Reducing churn is a vital concern for any subscription business, so keeping track of customers cards is a must. We've added even more filters to your Customers table making it easier for you to get important information on which customers have cards on file and who still needs to update their payment details.
Additional country and currency support
Chile and Kosovo have been added to our list of supported countries. This means that you'll now be able to start receiving payments from customers with billing addresses in these countries.
We've also added currency support for the Chilean Peso. Meaning you'll now be able to configure products, taxes, and more in this currency.
You can check out a full list of supported currencies and countries here.
Fixing issues you've reported
We've also been working to fix any problems you've reported to us, alongside building our new features.
In the last few weeks, alongside working on some larger features in the pipeline, we've added some more small improvements, to help make your Billsby account even easier to use and your business easier to manage.
Expired card filter
You'll now be able to see which customers have an expired card on file quickly and easily. This can be done directly from the Dashboard, or by using the new card filter in the Customers table.
We're also currently working on adding additional card filters, for those customers with active cards on file and no card on file.
Failed one time charge email
We have introduced a new customizable email notification that can be sent out to your customers whenever a one-time charge has failed. This email notification will also allow them to quickly update their payment method, or re-attempt the payment themselves, making it easier for you to manage churn automatically.
Suspended subscription improvements
To help make it easier for you to manage your customer subscriptions, we've changed the way we handle
subscriptions. You've now got the flexibility to manually update your customer's subscription status between
You can see more details on this in our support documentation here.
Fixing issues you've reported
As always, we've been working away in the background getting as many issues fixed as possible alongside our new features.
Terminology customization
The Billsby Checkout and Account management modals are now even more customizable than ever, making it easier for you to make our customer facing screen native to your brand. You can now change the wording we use for:
  • Discount
  • Discounts
  • Coupon
  • Coupons
We're always adding more ways to make Billsby more a customizable and powerful tool for our customers, so if there's any other configuration options you'd like to see just let us know and we'll track your feedback.
More table sorting options
We've enhanced the table sorting options even further, giving you the ability to order the subscriptions, customers, invoices, and credit notes tables by date ascending or date descending.
We're also currently working on adding CSV downloads to tables in Billsby, allowing you to download your company data easily from within the app.
Additional country support
Saint Barthélemy and Andorra have been added to our list of supported countries. This means that you'll now be able to start recieving payments from customers with billing addresses in these countries.
You can see a full list of supported countries here. If there is a country that you need, that we don't yet support, get in touch and let us know. We're adding new countries all the time and your feedback will help drive our priority list!
Fixing issues you've reported
As always, we've been working hard to fix any problems you've reported to us as quickly as possible.
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